7 tips for network marketersSeems I came across some great tips specifically for network marketers this week, and since that’s exactly what so many of you are, consider this an extra special collection of the good stuff. Obviously, if you’re not a network marketer, you’ll still probably enjoy most of these links.

  1. Read Jen Fong’s What It Takes to Be a Successful Direct Seller. The direct sales industry is littered with the cheesiest of cheesy sales folks and scarred from decades of that being the norm. I can tell you firsthand the industry has changed significantly in terms of legitimacy over the past 15 years. Jen’s dose of reality in this post should be something you send every new prospect. Set the expectations up front. The work is hard, but the payoff is worth it.
  2. Read How to Sell Your Network Marketing Company’s Products Online. Great post, although it has more to do with reasons to and not to use your company’s replicated sites.
  3. Read the New York Times’ Erasing the Digital Past. My buddy Don Sorensen from Big Blue Robot is mentioned in this post. He and I spoke together in December on Online Reputation Management in the direct sales industry. Most network marketing companies have online rep issues. Understanding everything that goes into protecting that reputation can be quite eye-opening.
  4. Read Jeff Sexton’s How to Write Better Copy with Set-Ups, Open Loops and Emotional Payoffs. Copywriting is essential for any industry, especially if you’re going to do anything online. I really enjoyed this post from Jeff because it highlights the importance of meeting emotional needs as you write. We too often get caught up in logical arguments. They have their place, but only if the emotional argument has already been won.
  5. Read Michael Hyatt’s How to Create an e-Book in Seven Steps: More and more direct sellers are creating their own information product these days. Be it a free report to help build their opt-in list or a for-sale training guide, it’s the thing to do. Michael’s step-by-step guide shows you what’s going on to actually make something like this happen. I can tell you I followed almost the same steps in creating the Rock Your Business ebook, and I’ll be sharing the details behind that soon in an upcoming post.
  6. Read Patricia Redsicker’s Why Content Strategy Must Precede Social Media Strategy. Oh, it’s just too dang common. We jump into the tools and tactics before we have a clue as to what we should actually be doing with them. Patricia does a wonderful job of succinctly explaining why that’s a bad idea.
  7. Read Naomi Dunford’s Think You’re Not an Expert? Nobody says it like Naomi. One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is dealing with confidence from the ones closest to you. I love Naomi’s perspective here, and as a network marketer, you’ll certainly relate (especially if your spouse doesn’t help out).

That’s enough for this week. I bet you came across some good stuff, too. Leave it in the comments, or even better, write your own post and link back here.

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