Squarespace is Trailblazing on Twitter

On June 13, 2009, in Social Media, by Brett Duncan

The Twitter stream is abuzz (if not overrunning) with #squarespace, the hashtag dedicated to the web publishing tool, Squarespace who is giving away an iPhone 3G s every day until July 6 to the person’s name they draw who tweeted any message with #squarespace in it.

This is freakin’ brilliant use of Twitter by a business.

Just think of what’s being accomplished here:

  • Thousands of people are spreading the word about Squarespace.
  • At the very least, Squarespace is getting introduced to tons of new customers/prospects, increasing brand awareness and customer data.
  • Even if Squarespace is paying full price for the iPhones, $400 (assumed) x 30 = $12,000. That’s like a 1/3 page ad in a mediocre magazine.

Keep an eye on this campaign. Follow @squarespace on Twitter and see how they’re knee-deep into participating and interacting all along the way. Granted, if the product sucks, it won’t matter, but for now this is an excellent way to use Twitter to market your business. Squarespace isn’t worried about sales right now – just awareness.

I bet there’s something about this campaign you can use with your widget. I guarantee you I’ll be ripping it off very soon.

Have you come across any other brands using Twitter the right way? Who are they?

FYI, thanks to @shawnbettes for enlightening on the #squarespace buzz to begin with.

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